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Pink (Brae), Purple (Ivy) and Green (Holly)
Poppy (Red Girl) with Andrea
Poppy went to live with Andrea and Jeff, their two boys Noah and Wyatt
and her 2nd cousin Murphy who is four!
Boomer (Lt. Blue Boy) with Kathleen
Holly (Green Girl) with Patty - Holly will be living with Alice Hurn (Patty's daughter) and Bjorn
Ivy (Purple Girl) with Patty Cates - Ivy will be joining Hannah (her 12 year old Great Aunt)
Glenn & Terri with Brae (Pink Girl)
She will be living with her new 'sister' Asha, who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback
Teal Girl (soon to be named) lives with Marianne & John Clark

Cyrus Scaggs (Dk. Blue Boy)


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